Tel Aviv

  • As the ultimate Nonstop City, Tel Aviv is renowned for its 24-hour cosmopolitan lifestyle: a diverse cultural scene, culinary ranging from gourmet to street food, 14 KM of beautiful beaches, bars, cafes, parks, shopping, and landmark neighborhoods such as Old Jaffa and

  • Neve Tzedek. It is the second most populous city in Israel and it boasts an exceptionally young community: 33% of its 400,000 residents are between the ages of 18–35. Tel Aviv is also known as "The White City" - designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the City is home to an architectural gem: the largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world.

  • Over the years, Tel Aviv has gathered many praises for its beaches, parties, and tolerant atmosphere, named one of the world’s hottest cities by Lonely Planet, one of the world’s top beach cities by National Geographic, one of the world's most innovative cities by the Wall

  • Street Journal, and one of the top gay honeymoon destinations by CNN.

  • In addition to being a hub for culture, culinary and nightlife, Tel Aviv is also the business,financial and commercial center of the State of Israel. It is the Startup City of the Startup Nation, with the highest density of tech startups in the world – more than 1,000 at any given

  • moment on an area about the size of the Island of Manhattan. Tel Aviv was also ranked by Startup Genome's Compass as the best place in the world to open a startup outside the US.