American Jewish Congress

Our Activity

With growing hostility to the Jewish community around the world, growing instability in the Middle East and persistent threats to the security of Israel, the work of the American Jewish Congress is more important than ever. Our organization is an essential asset in fighting the dangers facing Jewish communities worldwide. With the aim of maximizing our contribution towards a better and more peaceful world, we are currently engaged in:

· Strengthening the bond between the U.S. and Israel

· Combating domestic and global anti-Semitism

· Fighting to defeat the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)

· Preventing a nuclear Iran

· Promoting cooperation and trade between Israel and countries around the world

· Addressing anti-Israel sentiment at the United Nations and other international institutions


The American Jewish Congress works with members of the UN, the Israeli government, the US Congress and the President to advance Jewish rights and an improved understanding of Israel. Among its varied activities, the American Jewish Congress has organized, coordinated, and sponsored numerous initiatives that aim to facilitate communication between policy-makers. These include the International Conference of Mayors and the Science Diplomacy Initiative. The Science Diplomacy Initiative encourages international dialogue between nations and peoples while tackling humanitarian and economic problems to enhance quality of life. Science Diplomacy utilizes Israel’s high tech and scientific advancements to promote and cultivate new relationships and bonds that will help develop deeper diplomatic and political ties between Israel and countries around the globe.  


Looking into the Future

Our work has always been driven by the belief that Jews are more secure in a society that actively defends the rights of all its citizens. Today, we are proud to not only advocate for the protection of all minorities at home, but also abroad.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the American Jewish Congress. For a century, the American Jewish Congress has served as a critical voice on behalf of the Jewish community and supporters of Israel and we are looking forward to doing so for the next hundred years.