American Council for World Jewry

About Us


The Council for World Jewry was founded as a home for Jews from all over the world, joining

together as partners to ensure our common and collective survival. The Council acts on the

belief that the key to countering threats against the Jewish people and the State of Israel is

political empowerment. Therefore, the Council’s central mission is to articulate the concerns

of Jewish communities internationally by building bridges to the United States Congress and

Executive Branch, and to important political figures in other countries.




One of the priority missions of the American Council for World Jewry is to both partner with

and assist Jewish communities outside the United States and Israel in improving their political

access and impact. In the interest not only of self-defense and the protection of their values,

but also as a conduit to participate in civic life and affect wider issues, most communities have

long sought and cultivated ties with senior government officials.

However, the recent tide of Islamic extremism has awakened - especially in the younger

generation of Jewish activists - a pursuit for enhanced effectiveness and outreach, and a

realization that it is necessary to go beyond the traditional methods of process. The Council

sets out to expedite and maximize their access.​




Community leaders around the world have studied the American Jewish model. Many have

drawn inspiration from its activists approach and are looking for ways to adapt it to their

particular national situation. The American Council for World Jewry acts as a bridge to these

new leaders, exploring with them new ways to empower their communities.

The Council also offers guidance on how communities can work closely with political parties.

Parties and party leaders play a greater role in parliamentary governments than do individual legislators. Engaging political movements, and especially becoming active in party leadership

contests, is an avenue that has not been fully utilized, and has great potential for application

to Jewish communities in many countries.



Global Dialogue


The American Council for World Jewry is an alliance of Jewish groups and individuals from

around the world who share a devotion to Jewish life and the defense of Jewish interests.

By working together, we are able to leverage our individual and national strengths into a

formidable international presence to combat the new anti-Semitism and stand up for Israel.

The Council has established contact with leaders around the world, promoting Israel and Jewish

rights. We have reached out to moderate Islamic leaders and forged a strong relationship with

the leadership of Pakistan.

The Council sponsors the Israel-based Conference of Mayors, bringing together urban leaders

from around the world to educate them on the issues facing Israel and facilitate a forum for the

exchange of ideas and perspectives.




Our principal aims include addressing the tensions and narrowing the gaps between peoples

and faiths. Together we seek to devise programs of education and public advocacy, to resist

the rampant anti-Semitism that disfigures so many societies, to support Israel, and to promote

the goals of humanitarian and civil rights for all.

The American Council for World Jewry enables diverse communities to act together so that

each may preserve its own right to live peacefully and productively as Jews.




The security of the Jewish people depends on our alertness and ability to recognize the

importance of events as they first begin to unfold. In response to the resurgence of anti-

Semitism in France during the past decade, the American Council for World Jewry partnered

with UPJF, a Jewish communal agency in France. Our strategy was to enhance Jewish presence

and participation in French political life. Today, that policy is in place. The lesson is clear: To

succeed, not only in France but around the world. We must be preemptive and proactive.


Common Interests


The Council’s goal is to ensure that no Jewish community lives in isolation. In a world of swift

and turbulent change, we seek to maintain close cooperation and coordination among centers

of Jewish life internationally, as acts of anti-Semitism and discrimination - wherever they occur

- are ultimately dangerous to all Jews.

In recognition of this common purpose, the American Council for World Jewry has established

close collaborative partnerships with leading Jewish communal bodies in Europe, South

America, and Asia. Together we have launched educational and public advocacy programs

to counter aggressive anti-Semitism, build bridges and open conversations with others, and

promote universal human rights.




As Jews, we challenge and resist assaults on Jewish safety and security on a daily basis.

From an attempt to revive the “blood libel” accusations in a premier Ukrainian university, to

a skinhead attack in a Moscow synagogue, to supporting the Jewish community of Venezuela

in an uncertain period, the American Council for World Jewry voices outrage and takes action.

The security of the State of Israel, Jewish communities around the world and individual Jews is

paramount to our mission. Countering Islamic extremism by opening dialogue with moderate

Muslims is just one of our approaches.